Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy

 Are they licensed by the State Of Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board? 
If  your new sun room or patio enclosures cost  is $10,000 dollars or more by state law you must use a company or individual who is licensed by the State Of Alabama Home Builders Licensure  Board.   Don't take their word for it, go to and look in Consumers and search by the name of the individual or its business name.   You can also look in complaints or call them (800) 304-0853 and ask if they have any complaints on the individual or company.

Does the company have a license to do work in your community? 
If not they can’t get a building permit without one.  It is illegal to construct a sunroom without a building permit no matter what the cost.  This is for your protection.  The building department has the authority to make the company or the home owner remove a sunroom that has been constructed without a building permit.  Building officials are currently discussing instating fines to homeowners who have work done without permits.

 Who is going to do the actual construction and installation? 
Most companies will have subcontractors or employees who do the work.  It is important to know who is going to do your work.  When you know who the subcontractor is or the employee ask to see some of their previous work.

Check them out with the Better Business Bureau.
Is the Price Right -  we’re all looking for the best price.  It is important that although a company may have the best price but, will they do you a good job.  The answer is Maybe.  Always check with the bureau (334) 273-5530

Ask For References and check them. 
It’s not a bad idea to ask to see the last three jobs.  This way you should see current work and not jobs that they pick that they want you to see.

 Something you should think of when your looking at the lowest price. 
What type of materials are they going to use.  Most of us only want the best or good quality material used on our home.  Is it reasonable to think that the company with the lowest price is going to use top of the line or good quality materials or would they be likely to buy cheaper products and or cut a few corners.  It does happen and more often than you would think.  Remember the bitter taste of poor quality and workmanship lingers long after the sweetness of a good price has long since faded.

 How Long Have They Been in Business

How Many Companies Has Their Business Been Operated As

 ​There are a number of companies who have changed their name more than once.  Some companies have had quality/warranty problems or financial problems.  Instead of working their problems out it was easier for them to change their name and start again.  The only ones who got hurt were the home owners.  Their history is important. 


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