Walls are 3 inches thick and have three main components to your sunrooms.  First they have a knee wall, second a window and third the top panel.  The knee wall is located beneath the window and may be insulated panel or tempered glass.  The window is vinyl and has insulated glass.  The top panel can be either insulated panel or a transom if it is glass.  Electrical boxes are normally located centered in the knee wall or between wall panels.  Exterior electrical boxes are usually located near a door and set to one side of the panel. 


‚ÄčEach custom built sunroom incorporates your sunroom ideas to meet local building codes and specifications.  All of the wall panels in each wall are the same size so that your sunroom looks symmetrical an not an after thought. The drawings above were used to build each of the sunrooms shown in the photos below them.  Also, each sunroom is built to compensate for irregular site conditions if they exist. 

under existing


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There are only two style roofs that are used primarily gable and studios.  Wall systems are installed under existing conventional roofs. 


Studio roof