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Understanding how an under deck ceiling installation works is simple when you break it down. Take a look:
Under deck ceiling is installed. Rain falling through the gaps in your decking boards is collected by the coated aluminum and channeled to the edge of the deck, to a gutter.
Rain flowing into the coated aluminum gutter is routed to the downspout system, which in turn delivers the water to a designated area at ground level.
Water is deposited away from the deck and the foundation of your home to ensure it doesn’t saturate too close to your home at ground level.  This serves the dual purpose of keeping your under deck dry and preventing water from seeping down into your basement.

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A Rain-Out coated aluminum under deck ceiling is a great way to help improve the watershed potential of your deck, while also protecting the space below it, to maximize your usable outdoor space. The panels of under deck ceilings are designed to capture and route rain water that falls between the decking boards above. In other words, it gets the Rain-Out!

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