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​​We started selling and installing sunrooms in 1994,  back then we purchased rooms from one of the large companies that manufactured them and installed them on customers homes.  Since then we have learned a lot about the sunroom industry.  Primarily things we felt that should be improved on so in 2004 we decided to take our ideas and manufacture the best sunroom ourselves.  We believe that rooms should be custom designed so that all wall panels in a wall are the same size.  The windows are vinyl with low e and argon gas.  Doors either single or double (French) are full view fiberglass with low e.  We only use energy saving walls, windows and doors that are maintenance free.  

Your sunroom may be installed on an existing slab or deck if they are up to code.  If not we can help you decide whether you should pour a foundation or build a deck.  We also build walls to go under existing roofs.  You decide which windows best fits your needs. Your custom sunroom will be designed to your specifications and built with the best materials.  We don't take shortcuts.  We believe that our customers only deserve the best we can give them and take great pride in making sure your job gets done right.  

Remember never to get pressured into a fast decision by a good salesman based on some special promotion.  It's a sales tactic so don't be manipulated.

Custom Built Sunrooms LLC. gladly services Wetumpka, Montgomery, Prattville, Fort Deposit, Greenville, Evergreen  and surrounding areas in Alabama.  We specialize in custom sunroom additions and will be glad to help you with your sunroom design.  You can take your sunroom ideas and make them into paradise that you will enjoy every day.   A tranquil place to relax, unwind or entertain guests.  Many times  a sunrooms cost is at the same price or less than conventional construction and adds  value to your home.  We will be glad to come to your home and give you a free estimate.  We also build screen rooms,  decks, patio covers and install replacement windows and doors.  We would love to discuss your ideas with you.

​​Is your home ready for some new windows?    Ready to get rid of those old single pane wood or aluminum windows. Vinyl replacement windows are a wonderful way to brighten up any room.  Maintenance free, solid construction combined with superior performance make a perfect addition to your home.  New windows will make your home more comfortable, quitter and energy efficient.  Also internal grids gives your home the elegant traditional look without the headache of cleaning individual panes.  Plus the tilt in feature makes window cleaning a cinch.  

There are many exterior colors available,  you don't have to settle for white or tan with many optional interior finishes.  Windows come standard with a half screen, vent latches, 3/4" stainless steel balances and cam lock.  AAMA gold label and Energy Star certifications.  Industry leading window  warranty.  Register your warranty online.

You can say good bye to painting exterior wood window trim with vinyl coated aluminum window trim.  

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After wood trim is clad with

vinyl coated aluminum trim.

Before wood trim is clad with vinyl coated aluminum trim.

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